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Together the Appligo Founders have been creating healthcare solutions for over 30 years and Agileware's "origin story" was written after working directly with an NHS Trust. Today, our mission is to empower care providers so that they can create exactly what they need to do their job

Time to build, test and publish: 21 Hours (Total for 3 NHS Trusts)

The Problem
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthiritis (JIA) is the most common type of arthritis in children under the age of 16. Clinicians and Researchers are constantly in search of better treatments to improve outcomes and patient quality of life and a study to analyse patients with JIA was setup to provide valuable research data. However, without a tool clinicians would need to dual entry information into local EPR's / notes and research proformas before posting the forms in batches to a research centre, to be re-keyed into a custom database for analysis

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to capture research information via integration with EPR's or allow clinicians to enter directly into the App, where no system is available. Share this information electronically and in real time with the research centre, for instant analytics and progress checks. Removing duplication, transcription errors and delays.

Anonymised Patient Data

You create the App, so you can define whether the "patient information" includes identifiable data or limited data for research purposes. A holistic view of the patient also shows other data collection over time

Faster Data Capture

Where possible data is prepopulated from the previous visit or taken from the EPR to save time during completion and ensure better data quality. Calculations are also setup to generate scores and joint counts.

Patient Access

PREM and PROM "Forms" have also been created. A user can be associated to a "Study" subject to access and complete these forms from their phone or laptop

Compare data across sites

Each participating Trust can view and edit their own data. However, once electronic "Data Sharing Agreements" are setup, all of the data is consolidated for the research centre to review and analyse

Time to build, test and publish: 2 Hours

The Problem
Communication is key in a care setting to ensure the best outcomes for a patient. Across the NHS ‘handovers’ take place to pass information between clinical teams, departments and shifts. One format used is SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment,Recommendations) to give some structure to the discussion. However, given the variation in teams and specialisms in a single hospital, it can be difficult for a dedicated system to be flexible enough to capture all relevant information and meet required workflows / processes

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware which allows hospitals to build as many different types of handovers as required quickly and easily, using common fields to pull information in from different clinical assessments and also trigger the creation of other assessments conditionally, based on the values entered

Prepopulate fields

Not only can you choose which fields prepopulate their values to save time but you can also see the data's provenance. By using the lightning bolt symbol you can see who, where, when and how the data was collected originally to make more informed decisions on its use

Make use of existing data

If you already have scores, information and summaries which would be useful to see whilst completing this screen, you can pull this information across. Here we pull the last National Early Warning Score to give a more informed position on the patient condition

Conditional Triggers

Trigger the creation of another screen automatically, based on the value of an answer provided in this one. Here we mark the patient as "Ready for Discharge" which triggers the creation of the Discharge Checklist


The newly created Discharge Checklist is created as a DRAFT on the patient profile and awaits completion. It also appears in a worklist of pending Discharge Checklists so that teams have easy visibility of tasks

Time to build, test and publish: 3 Hours

The Problem
In 2012 NHS England launched the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) as a standard assessment to record patient observations in secondary care. Over the years, further variations of NEWS have been created for paediatric and maternity patients to name but a few. Initially this data was captured on paper but system providers soon started to provide dedicated solutions and in 2017 NEWS2 was published, leading to mass enhancements and further costs. However, observation capture standards vary across departments and Trusts and it is difficult to quickly adapt and customise these solutions to local requirements and specialisms.

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to capture observation data, calculate NEWS2 Scores and drive worklists to highlight patients requiring review, attention or escalation whilst being flexible enough to be modified for use across different departments / requirements and being as future proof as possible for any potential "NEWS3" updates, without delay or cost.

Patient Centric

You can create all of the fields which make up a 'patient' and add them to a banner. In patient context you get a holistic view of activity to view NEWS2 data alongside other relevant information and assessments

Better Data Capture

Prepopulate the last NEWS2 score automatically for easy comparison. Default today's date and time to save entering them manually. Show and hide questions like Scale 1 and Scale 2 to make the screen clearer

Conditional Highlighting

View multiple NEWS2 observations as a grid for quick comparison and conditionally highlight data based on the values to provide colour coding in line with NEWS2 guidance to make it easier to understand

Trends in Full Screen

View NEWS2 parameters over time to identify trends in condition. Go full screen and add drill down options if required to get into the detail. You can also further filter charts, e.g. only show those with scores > 3, etc

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