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The Problem Statement

A factory which manufactures refillable gas bottles needs to maintain and track their bottle population. Customers can order bottles through a contact centre to be delivered to their home, so it’s important to know how many bottles and of what type, size and condition are available. Off the shelf electronic systems may be available but are expensive to enhance should custom changes be required and do not meet all requirements of the business


The bottle population is created within Agileware, with each bottle having its own criteria and status. Each bottle has an inspection date which the maintenance team use to drive ‘To Do’ worklists. As the contact centre take orders, stock is deducted and a picking ticket is issued in the warehouse for bottles to be picked and loaded onto trucks. The bottle has its barcode scanned at each stage of the process for tracking purposes. Upon delivery to a customer, the barcode is scanned for a final time, providing a live list of the location of every bottle. If any empty bottles are collected from the customer, the bottle is marked as “Collected” to enter the returns process for refilling and adding back to stock.


Time to build, test and publish: 3.5 hours*

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*Some definitions existed in the Data Dictionary prior to this use case and were repurposed where possible. Also includes the use of features from the development roadmap

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