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The Problem
All organisations, large and small need to keep logs of their physical assets. Spreadsheets are the usual go-to solution as they're quick and easy to setup but the information within them can often be siloed and not used to it's best potential. The process for updating the spreadsheet is also often lined with duplication as information is captured in other ways before being transcribed into the log.

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to collect the information specific to your organisation or assets without duplication and use the information captured to drive better outcomes


For each Asset you can collect it's specific, unique information like serial number and then in context of that Asset, collect information over time such as allocation, repairs and inspections

Collect Once

Whatever your industry or specialism, you can create your own custom screens to capture exactly the data you need in a simple way. Use a laptop, tablet or mobile device to enter by hand or scan barcodes in


Configure your own worklists based on the information collected. This worklist shows all assets with an upcoming warranty expiry as well as their status and location for easy inspection and review

Charts and Graphs

Charts are driven from the worklists which update in real time as data is collected and modified. This provides a birds eye view of asset availability and location in a single glance

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