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Time to build, test and publish: 1 Hour

The Problem
How many processes can you think of that look like this: Download a word doc from your organisation's intranet, print or fill in without validation, email to a shared inbox and hope something happens in the background? This is exactly the problem here when replacing a Single Tender Action (STA) request for a finance department inside a large organisation. A lack of visibility, a lot of transcription of documents into spreadsheets and vast amounts of human intervention

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to collect the the right information to drive workflow, follow an approval process and give visibility to the requester, whilst reducing duplicated effort and using the data collected for continuous improvement

Easy, quality data capture

Validate fields and upload supporting documents to make sure your users can complete their request quickly, easily and with the right information. Built in version control also makes sure the right form is used, every time.

Workflow Control

Set who can can approve or reject requests and lock down any field based on user role. This allows you to 'pass' requests across roles, rather than individuals to remove bottlenecks

Workload Managament

Completely replace the transcription and management of tracking spreadsheets. Lists show the current status and outstanding actions. Access can be given to requestors so they can check progress themselves

Learn From Your Data

Charts are setup once and updated in real time to spot trends and patterns. This chart shows which department is raising the most STA's by value to highlight areas for improvement, without additional manual effort to invesitgate

Time to build, test and publish: 45 minutes

The Problem
As data protection and governance legislation becomes brighter under the spotlight, how do you ensure and evidence that your organisation is compliant with policies and accreditations? Old intranet sites and network folders storing policies can be inaccessible and it is often difficult to manage the latest versions. In addition, you still need tools like spreadsheets to record information but they take time to update and usually don't prompt proactive actions like reviews, audits and checks

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to store policies, procedures and risks with the correct version at all times. Setup worklists and charts to monitor review dates and updates risks, mitigations and actions for quick, easy evidence to satisfy operational and compliance requirements

Company, Team or Project

Create a holistic view of policies and actions for whatever suits your needs. It could be for permanent structures like teams and departments or flexible for adhoc projects and deliverables

You Decide What To Collect

Create fields to collect data specific to your organisation or project. You can upload and attach polices, give them statuses, add comments and track changes through the built in version control

Workload Managament

Add a 'Card' to your dashboard to see a count of list items at a glance, to help you manage your workload. You can configure lists based on status like "Overdue for review" or time like "Due for review within 2 months"

Visualise and forecast

Worklists help to manage the day-to-day but what about what's coming up? This chart groups the policy review dates by month and split by Department, so you have foresight of inbound work and priorities

Time to build, test and publish: 45 minutes

The Problem
Although GDPR was introduced in 2018 there are still a lot of organisations who are not compliant or are unable to prove that they are storing or processing data in a controlled and consistent way. Does your organisation have a single view of what exactly data you store and process, per contract / system and can it be evidenced that the policies and procedures which have been implemented are adhered to? This can become incredibly labour intensive exercise using people and spreadsheets

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to capture specific details on how data is stored, processed and shared in an open and evidenced way. Store details of the mechanisms for sharing data (e.g. interfaces) with review dates to prompt regular checks of data integrity and record data security accreditations to highlight possible risk areas

Upload Certifications

Are third parties storing and processing your data? Make sure you check their accreditations and store them somewhere safe as evidence and to prompt regular reviews over time

Integration & Data Sharing

Where do you store all of those paper data-sharing agreements? Are they amended as things change over time? Keep a single view of the truth and use the data to highlight dependencies or risks

List View at a Glance

List all of your contracts with the ability to sort and filter as required. Drill down into the screen for the full information or expand rows as required to view repeating information in the right context

Time to build, test and publish: 15 minutes

The Problem
Large organisations can have hundreds, if not thousands of contracts with suppliers and it can be difficult to manage these in a consistent and meaningful way. Records are not always kept up to date, contracts and services due to expire are not flagged early enough for action to be taken and the contracts are not always reviewed for value as often as they should. There can be a lack of visibility once the service is commissioned and the contract itself can be forgotten until it’s time for renewal

The Solution
Create an simple App in Agileware to capture and manage key contract information so that organisations can better manage suppliers, services and value. Users should be made aware of due contract renewals with plenty of notice and where possible, data should drive additional workflow for correct information governance management

Your own custom screens

Drag and drop to build your screen and create only the fields which you need or are specific to your business. You can add tabs to break up the screen or dynamically hide values to keep it simple

Lists, filters and sharing

With your data collected, you can view it as a list or a chart. In this example, we can see all contracts due for renewal in the next 90 days. You can also filter and sort as well as share with other roles for complete visibility

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