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Go Beyond Electronic Forms

New Feature

Appligo has partnered with Scandit, the leading enterprise technology platform for mobile computer vision, barcode scanning, and augmented reality, to introduce barcode scanning features into the Agileware platform

Empower your organisation

Build your own intelligent screens and worklists. Combine them to create many different solutions

One platform keeps costs low, training minimal and integrations easier

Create and modify solutions in minutes, based on your priorities

And of course, no coding skills required

Build Once

Build up a unique 'Dictionary' of fields and screens in Agileware to be re-used in different solutions

Save time by removing duplicate effort

Ensures consistency across your organisation and improves data quality

Analyse data from the entire platform without the need to consolidate data from the same Fields on different Screens

Take Control

Digitising paper with electronic forms isn't always enough. Agileware wraps structure around your data to give you total control

You can centrally govern how data is collected and who is collecting it, across your entire organisation

Changes to Fields propagate to every Screen in your solution automatically and changes are version controlled for auditability.

Whether you're collecting information about a customer, a patient or a car, Agileware provides a holistic view of data in context so you always get the full picture

When you build the Screens, Agileware automatically writes the API's for you. Integrate with your other solutions in half the time

Specialised hosting: Providing a 99.99% uptime guarantee, accredited for ISO27001, IG Toolkit 1.4 and NHS N3 Accessible

Proud to be working with

See how Agileware is disrupting traditional approaches to software procurement and development

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