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Blugate is a System integrator established in 2010 based in Bangalore, India. Blugate specializes in design, development and delivery of Software Solutions, and Consulting services across various industries and segments. Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Platform Development technologies are primary focus areas.

Over the 9 years of operations, Blugate have serviced various organizations across Retail, Healthcare, Banking and Clinical Research, by implementing cutting edge enterprise solutions. Blugate's vast technology, skills and experience enables them to provide innovative solutions to clients, with quick implementation cycles.

Blugate Software Technologies offers services and consulting to prospective players looking to establish new relationships and partnerships. Blugate's technical prowess includes native and hybrid mobile app development, responsive web app development using spring boot, and other Rapid Application Development frameworks. Blugate stands out by virtue of it's processes, tools, result oriented operations that deliver true business value to their clients.



BrightCloud is a reliable and high-performance cloud infrastructure (IaaS) platform ideal for mission-critical business applications. BrightCloud outperforms the main “commodity cloud” and is used for a wide-range of activities, from developing smartphone apps through to scaling websites to support high loads. BrightCloud is proud to provide the platform for Appligo’s applications and software tools in our highly secure, UK-based data centres.



Scandit enables enterprises and consumers to change the way they interact with everyday objects and augment the physical world with real-time data captured by scanning barcodes and recognizing text, objects, and other visual identifiers using smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones, and robots.

Scandit’s mobile data capture platform is built on proprietary computer vision, augmented reality, and machine learning technologies. Companies in industries such as retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare can use Scandit’s technology to create and power mobile apps for crucial enterprise workflows like mobile point of sale, mobile shopping, self-checkout, inventory management, and proof of delivery. Many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies are benefiting from Scandit’s enterprise-grade mobile data capture platform, including Sephora, Louis Vuitton, DHL, and Levi Strauss & Co.

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