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Time to build, test and publish: 1 hour

The Problem
In all UK hospitals, standards are governed and measured by taking regular inspections and audits. Trusts usually opt for paper based data capture which is then manually entered into spreadsheets and databases, before consolidation for submission to a reporting body; making it a lengthy process. Dedicated "Audit Systems" are available but have a significant license cost and put more pressure on clinical users to learn how to use yet another single-use system

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware to collect audit information which generates worklists and charts in real time and can share with governing bodies automatically. If users are already familiar with Agileware from other Apps, then they do not need any re-training and there are likely no additional license costs

Better Data Capture

Capture audit information directly into Agileware to remove duplication and transcription tasks, whilst improving data quality through validation rules

List View

Use the lists as a worklist, a report or a summary view of information. Here we can see staff scores across wards for easy comparison

Hide the Detail

Sometimes you may need to hide the underlying details but still provide a summary. Here we can identify the number of staff per ward who need to be re-trained in hand washing without disclosing personal information

Compare Over Time

This chart is built from the same data but shows the total hand wash score per ward on a month by month basis to identify trends, enabling targeted improvements and better decision making

Time to build, test and publish: 15 minutes

The Problem
Regular clinical audits across Hospitals in the UK are completed to measure and assess the quality and type of care provided. These are usually centrally submitted and decisions can be made locally (and nationally) to identify improvements. The CT Audit is just one example which clinical audit teams use to review head injury patients and whether they have been unnecessarily radiated via a CT scan. This is often a manual process done on paper, before being transcribed and reported taking a lot of manual time

The Solution
Create an App in Agileware which allows auditors to capture information quickly and easily, via the user interface or through integration. Validate the information captured to ensure data quality and reduce free text. Finally, provide real-time analytics on the information captured and submit results automatically to reviewing bodies

Improve Data Quality

For the best results, audit information needs to be discrete and accurate. Set validation rules on your screen like mandatory options or radio buttons to guarantee you're getting the most reliable data

Prepopulate values

Prepopulate values from other screens in the system to save time and provide additional information which may have been captured by other users or teams. Here we pull in the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score

Chart and Analyse

Now you've ensured the quality of your data, you can analyse and chart it to identify patterns or trends. This chart shows us which staff grades tend to perform more CT scans when one hasn't been indicated, in real-time

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