Solutions for Healthcare

A powerful yet flexible tool to meet operational demands. All underpinned by centralised governance and control features to offer the following:

Clinical Assessments for patients

Audits for Equipment, staff and locations

Operational tool for front line teams

Administrative solution for back office and management

Allow external access to patients to view or update information

Run clinical research and anonymised data sharing

Generate reports for financial incentives from central bodies

Consolidate multiple data sources to give one holistic view

NHS England has mandated the use of NEWS2 by March 2019

Are you ready?

Become compliant in minutes

Futureproof against ANY further changes to NEWS

Securely hosted in a UK N3 Datacentre

Integrates with your existing systems

Calculate scores, monitor trends and drive worklists straight out of the box


When new initiatives are announced how much time and effort is lost before you can start to realise benefits?

Build your own solutions which record and report on performance in minutes

Your solutions. Your requirements. No dependencies on third parties.

Make efficiency and clinical improvements from Day 1 and claim 100% of the available incentives

Futureproof your organisations for new initiatives, yet to be announced

See how Agileware is disrupting traditional approaches to software procurement and development

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