Human Resources


The Problem Statement

Paper forms are mailed out to new starters before their first day. The paper forms contain a lot of the same fields, as they’re distributed to different teams later for action. When the paper forms are returned, they have to be manually re-keyed into our systems; taking up precious time and leaving room for human error.


The paper forms are created as Collections within Agileware. The new starter is granted access under the “New Starter” role and they provide the information at their leisure. The HR team have access to worklists highlighting those new starters who have / have not completed their ‘paperwork’. The separate departmental forms ‘consume’ the collected data from the latest available information, eradicating duplication for the on-boarding process.


Time to build, test and publish: 2 hours*

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*Some definitions existed in the Data Dictionary prior to this use case and were repurposed where possible.

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