Capture 2D Barcode Data

Scan a single barcode to capture all of the values inside it and insert them into the correct fields

You can now scan and capture multiple different values from a single barcode and populate many different fields, in one touch of a button. Not only does provide HUGE time savings compared to entering data manually but also guarantees accuracy.

You can use this feature directly from your browser. No dedicated hardware needed so you can use any smart phone thanks to the integrated Scandit Web SDK.

In this example, we've scanned a patient wristband to capture all of the available demographics but you could quite easily configure this to scan any other multi-dimensional barcode. What about a barcode on a parcel which contains order and delivery information or scanning medication information from a pack (ID, expiry, etc)? You can configure the 'mapping' between the barcode and your screens using simple drag and drop editors to apply this to your own custom solutions.

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