New Feature: Tabs & Wizard

Break down screens into simple sections using tabs and use "Next" buttons to guide your users

We've now introduced Tabs to Agileware Collections! Tabs are optional but should you wish to break down a large screen you can do so by dragging and dropping your fields on to different tabs. When the user is filling the Collection in, they can follow the tabs through or click in any order, should they just want to look at a part of a screen or make an edit.

We've also included "Back" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each tab to help guide users. If you number your tabs, this will essentially become a "wizard", where the user works through each tab in order using the "Next" button for an improved user experience.

As always, field validation and calculations run in real time across the tabs but if you try and submit and there is a problem (e.g. a mandatory field left empty), the problem tab will be highlighted to guide the users to the correct place. You can see this in the video :)

Tabs even work great on mobile devices, allowing users to swipe left and right across the tabs as they flow across the screen

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